Campfire Creek to Red Hands Cave

Walk Highlights

Campfire Creek to Red Hands Cave
  • Distance: 6 km return
  • Time: 3 hours
  • Location: Bruce Rd, Glenbrook, Blue Mountains National Park, New South Wales
  • Facilities: historical and interpretive signs, fresh water, toilets, barbeques
  • Getting There: Catch a train to Glenbrook Station from Central or Strathfield Station, walk 1km to the park entrance where the track starts
  • Highlights: Abundant bird life, splashing up and around Campfire Creek, lush rainforest, ancient Aboriginal rock art

Walking Track Description

Prior to settlement by the British colonials,  Glenbrook, just one hour by train from Sydney‘s Central Station, was occupied by the Dharung Aboriginal people, who sheltered and hunted in the area. Red Hands Cave is believed to have been ‘decorated’ by these people using red ochre from the ground, which they ground up, mixed with water to form a paste, and sprayed (with their mouths) across their hand, too create a stencil or silhoutte on the cave wall. There are a number of similar cave paintings around the Sydney area (such as Kurin-Gai National Park), however this cave features significantly more paintings than other caves.

Walking to the cave is pretty straightforward, as the park is well signed and the tracks easy to distinguish. From the park entrance gates at Bruce Rd, follow the road downhill to the causeway. On the south side of the causeway is a sign marking the start of the the Campfire Creek track which, you guessed it, meanders alongside Campfire Creek. Follow the path along the creek for two km, until the sign for Red Hands cave, and walk uphill to the cave for one kilometre.

The bush track is unsealed but well-maintained, however there are some muddy, rocky areas, as well as some sets of rock steps, that call for decent footwear. It’s very suitable for families and offers a great insight into the daily life of indigenous Australians.

Walking Trail Map

(Start at red marker)

Weather Forecast (Katoomba)

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