Glenbrook Gorge

Walk Highlights

Glenbrook Gorge
  • Distance: 4 km
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Location: Bruce Rd, Glenwood, Blue Mountains National Park, New South Wales
  • Facilities: water, toilets, maps in car park
  • Getting There: Catch a train to Glenwood Station from Central or Strathfield Station, walk 1km to the park entrance where the track starts
  • Highlights: Clambering around the huge boulders along the riverbed, beneath towering gorge walls

Walking Track Description

Glenbrook Gorge is another of Sydney‘s less-known natural wonders, a deep crack in the Blue Mountains containing a series a shallow, still pools and rocky shelves guarded by dry eucalyptus forest and ferns. It’s a quiet, colourful place, the golden walls of the gorge contrasting with the blue waters of Glenbrook Creek. It’s filled with huge boulders, and is one of those walks that occasionally causes you to retrace your steps, as you attempt to find a way around one obstruction or another.

From the carpark, follow the Glenbrook Gorge signs downhill towards the floor of the gorge. This is a steep descent in parts, and while the timber and stone steps are well-maintained, they can be a bit tricky at times, so take your time. On the way down there are some natural lookouts next to the path.

The descent ends at the water’s edge – take a left and you can head downstream towards the Nepean River. Take a right and you’re heading towards Jellybean Pool. Either way, the idea is to walk in and alongside the water for as long as you see fit.

If you head towards the Nepean River, after about 1 km you’ll come to a long, bend in the gorge, and beyond that, will see the Blue Mountains train track above the gorge, cut into the rock by early convivcts.

The return walk can be tough, particularly the ascent at the end – leave yourself at least one hour to get back to the carpark and you wont need to rush it. And if you’re still full of energy at the end of the walk, try the Campfire Creek to Red Hands Cave Walk.

Walking Trail Map

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Weather Forecast (Glenbrook)

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