Coastal Track – Bundeena to Wattamolla

Walk Highlights

Coastal Track – Bundeena to Wattamolla
  • Distance: 12 km one way
  • Time: 4-8 hours
  • Location: Royal National Park, Sydney, New South Wales
  • Facilities: Historical and interpretive signs, fresh water, toilets, barbecues (all at Wattamolla)
  • Getting There: Catch a train from Central Station to Cronulla Station, then walk a few hundred metres to Cronulla Ferries and catch the Bundeena ferry (
  • Highlights: Dizzying clifftop views of the Pacific Ocean and sandstone coastline, whale watching (seasonal), eucalyptus forests, wild beaches

Walking Track Description

The second-oldest national park in the world, the Royal National Park is the oldest national park in Australia. Just 32km from Sydney, the park is a great spot for weekend barbecues, picnics and a day spent swimming at the river or beach.

The Coastal Track is another well-loved walk within reach of Sydney’s metro area, and at 26km long, is just the right length for a two-day trip.  It can be commenced from either Otford or Bundeena, and most walkers choose to camp overnight at the (limited) camp spaces at Wattamolla.

To walk to Wattamolla from Bundeena, start at the Bundeena Ferry Wharf, head along Brighton St until Scarborough St, turn left, and follow it a  few blocks until turning right into Beachcomber Ave Follow Beachcomber Ave for almost 1km, until the park entrance.

Follow the sandy track downhill, as you make your way towards the coastline, where the trail turns south towards Wattamolla. From this point on the track is easily visible in all but a few places – on the rocky clifftops, and on the two beaches you will cross, Marley and Little Marley Beach. However, as long as you keep heading south and stay reasonably close to the shoreline (within roughly 50m) the track is easy to find.

Aside from the panoramic clifftop sections and the beaches, the remaining sections of the track vary between heathland scrub and occasional eucalyptus forrests. The track is a sandy and rocky, and some elevated walkways have been constructed to minimised deterioration. A basic level of fitness is required to walk this section of the track, particularly if carrying camping gear or a backpack.

Camping at Wattamolla

Unfortunately camping at Wattamolla is no longer (legally) possible, since the closure of the campsite at Providential South Head. Walkers completing the overnight coastal track from Bundeena to Otford are now required to camp overnight at North Era Beach, roughly 9km south of Wattamolla. The beachside campsite is very basic, offering toilets and water that should be boiled before drinking.

Further reading: Part two of the coastal track from Wattamolla to Otford

Walking Trail Map

(Start at red marker)

Weather Forecast (Cronulla)

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  • 18 Responses to “Coastal Track – Bundeena to Wattamolla”

    1. Megg | 17/07/08

      Love the sunset photo, it’s a cracker!

    2. John Addley | 17/07/11

      Can anyone please tell me how you get out of Wattamolla without a car? You don’t say in your walk description (given that you use train & ferry to get to Bundeena). Is there any bus service along Bundeena Dr West of Wattamolla?



    3. admin | 18/07/11

      Actually I don’t know that you can – that’s why the walk is typically done as a two day trip from Bundeena to Watamolla then on the Otford train station.

    4. issy crocker | 10/10/11

      Hi, my family live in Cronulla, and you can take te ferry from Bundeena to cronulla, with good train service from there to the city.

    5. issy crocker | 10/10/11

      ignore my last message – – you don’t get out of Watamulla without a car! I was in haste and mis-read.

    6. Hike from Spit Bridge to Manly (Something to Do on SAT?) « AeroDragons Down Under 2012 | 21/01/12

      […] Coastal Track – Bundeena to Wattamolla […]

    7. Chris | 28/11/12

      The timming says it takes 4hrs min, but i’ve completed that section of the walk in 2hrs, the other thing is that if you go fast enough, you can do the entrie walk from Bundeena to Otford. it took me 7hr 41min.

    8. admin | 28/11/12

      absolutely chris, i tend to over-estimate to allow for slower walkers.

    9. Helena | 3/01/13

      I used to go rock fishing in wattamolla some 40years ago. So good to see the scenic views.brings back many memories.

    10. Magno | 20/06/13

      I am doing the walk from Bundeena to Wattamolla and someone will pick me up at the end of the walk. I wonder if at the end of Wattamolla road would be a good meeting point for my friend to wait for me? Or is there any other place I could tell him to pick me up? Thank you for your help

    11. admin | 20/06/13

      Magno at Watamolla there is a kiosk and a carpark you could meet your friend at. Enjoy the walk.

    12. Magno | 20/06/13

      Great! Thank you very much.

    13. Rachel | 25/04/14

      We did this walk yesterday with 4 kids (aged between 7 & 12). It took us just under 4hrs with frequent stops. We parked one car at Wattamolla and then parked the other in Beachcomber Ave, Bundeena from where we began our walk. Kids loved the walk but were ecstatic when we reached Wattamolla (think we reached their limit!). We piled in the car and headed back to Bundeena for a well-earned hamburger and chips…and a swim!

    14. Sue | 16/09/14

      There is no overnight camping at Wattamolla. Camping at the moment is at North Era only, and a permit is required. NPWS are looking to include additional camping sites but this requires an amendment to the Plan of Management. There is also no kiosk at Wattamolla so people doing the walk should bring all food and water.

    15. Peter Jackson | 20/09/14

      The Royal is officially the oldest National Park in the world. Yellowstone was not proclaimed a National Park in 1872. It was proclaimed as a reserve and not proclaimed as a National Park until after the Royal.

    16. Monica | 12/11/14

      Hi there, would you know how to get to the famous wedding cake rock?

      Thank you

    17. AnWalker | 15/06/15

      This is an excellant walk and I did this in 5 hrs return trip :) My tip is to pack light but take atleast 2l of water. Also stay on the track!

    18. Agnes | 19/01/16

      is the track mostly exposed or shady ?

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