Coles Bay to Wineglass Bay

Walk Highlights

Coles Bay to Wineglass Bay
  • Distance: Lookout:2.5 km return ; Wineglass Bay 8km return
  • Time: Lookout:1 hour return ; Wineglass Bay 3 hours return
  • Location: Freycinet Dr, Coles Bay, Tasmania
  • Facilities: Water, toilets, carpark, camping at Freycinet National Park
  • Getting There: Drive north-east 200km from Hobart, or 185km east from Launceston
  • Highlights: The iconic view from the lookout, a pristine, white beach

Walking Track Description

Arguably the best-known natural attraction on Tasmania’s spectacular east coast, Wineglass Bay is just a short walk from the camping grounds at Coles Bay. Situated on the north side of the 10,000 ha Freycinet National Park, Coles Bay is roughly 200km north of Hobart and offers all types of holiday accommodation, from the luxury of the world famous Freycinet Lodge to cosy cottages, caravan parks and hotels.

The walk to Wineglass Bay is commonly done in two stages: an ascent through The Hazards to a rocky lookout over the bay followed by a descent from The Hazards to the beach.

The walk commences from the carpark of the National Park, and is a 1.3 km ascent up a loose gravel track. While not a long walk, the track is steep at times, and winds it way to a rocky lookout, perched between the twin peaks of The Hazards – Mt Anos and Mt Mayson. The dynamic curve of the bay is amplified by the vantage of the lookout, and it’s a wonderful spot to enjoy a silent moment. Return time is about 1-1.5 hours.

From the lookout, the Wineglass Bay Track descends slowly to the sparkling blue waters and white sands of the beach. A walk to the south end of the beach takes about 20-30 minutes, and is rewarded by a striking view across Wineglass Bay to The Hazards. Return to the carpark via the lookout, total time is about 2-3 hours.

Walking Trail Map

(Start at red marker)

Weather Forecast (Swansea)

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      I’m having trouble finding short walks (3-8km) which I could do in a group as I will be travelling on my own. I could base myself somewhere close by. Help as I really want to come down there. Travel for singles should be easier. There is a market out there!

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