Crater Lake Circuit

Walk Highlights

Crater Lake Circuit
  • Distance: 5 km
  • Time: 1-2 hours
  • Location: Road C132, Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Park
  • Facilities: Maps, toilets, merchandise at park shop
  • Getting There: Drive 90 minutes southwest of Devonport to Road C132
  • Highlights: Temperate rainforest at Crater Falls, views of Crater Lake

Walking Track Description

If you’re at Cradle Mountain, have walked the Dove Lake Circuit, and don’t have the time, energy or weather conditions to complete the Cradle Mountain Summit, then try the 2-hour-long Crater Lake Circuit.

Commencing from the car park at Dove Lake, follow the boardwalk past fields of button grass, Lake Lilla and Wombat Lake, before heading up the side of the crater wall. The climb is reasonably easy, on a well-graded gravel track, with only a few steep sections.

About halfway to Crater Lake the terrain changes completely, and you enter a section of dense, wet rainforest growing along Crater Creek. Following raised boardwalks above the forest floor, the track climbs up the side of the creek, taking you within a few metres of moss-covered waterfalls and rockpools at Crater Falls.

Leaving the rainforest you complete the last section of the climb to Crater Lake, with its dark waters and steep walls carved by glacial ice. There is an old boathouse at the north end of the lake, a good place to shelter in bad weather.

To return to the car park, you can either retrace your steps, or descend a different section of the lake wall. Walking south, about halfway along the east side of the lake you can take a path that will lead you down to Dove Lake, and on to the car park.

Walking Trail Map

(Start at red marker)

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